Brian Marsh

Hi, I'm Brian!

After living and working in Rochester, NY for several years, I recently moved to the greater St. Louis, MO in part to take a Senior IT Systems Engineer position at CenturyLink, but also to be closer to friends and family. I'm currently working with a variety of VMware products and leveraging PowerShell to accomplish my various daily tasks.

Prior to CenturyLink, was a Senior DevOps Engineer at EarthLink Business, working the Cloud Services team. Previously, I worked at Unity Health System, a non-profit healthcare system that services the greater Rochester area where I designed and architected solutions for various medium and large scale projects and created a strategic 5 year plan for the virtualization and storage infrastructure.

Feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile for a more comprehensive overview of my career.

I occasionally chat about tech related stuff on Twitter, and hang out on Google+. Lastly, some of my code can be found on Github and I have a (sometimes updated) blog.

I currently live in Pacific, Missouri with my wife Alana and a Boston Terrier-Boxer pup named Murphy.